How do you manage your hair every day?

Did you wake up late today? Not enough time to decide on what to do with your hair? Are you questioning whether or not to do your hair and just to rock the bun? These are some questions many women have to ask themselves before heading to work. Be it for a job or simply getting ready for school, how you present yourself says a lot to others. For instance, pulling a messy bun might make others think that you don’t take yourself or whom you work for seriously. They might also think that you are poorly representing them. Presentation is part of a huge equation, and this is something many people forget.

Keep the iron vertically and hold the clasp keeping forward, then hold about 2 inches of your hair 1 -2 inches at the end.Ensure to keep your hair and the iron far from your face. Hold it about 7-12 seconds, according to your hair style. Do the curl of the first place keeping your face away from the face.It woks same way for all the hair types but if you’re having naturally thick hair then you may need to hold the iron for few more seconds.

The tyme curling iron is a revolutionary hair tool that allows you to curl and straighten your hair! Each TYME Iron comes with an awesome TYME traveler that you can use to pack the iron with you on all your soon to be red carpet destination trips!

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