The TYME iron is a unique hot styling tool that can be used to both straighten and curl hair, acting as a 2-in-1 tool. It was designed by stylist Jacynda Smith who wanted a faster way to style her hair as a busy mom. It retails for $190 and is made with gold plated titanium plates. The TYME iron is super pretty and kind of looks like a demented flat iron that someone shifted the plates on.

The TYME iron comes packaged in an attractive white box and includes a protective sleeve case. TYME offers free shipping, free returns within 30 days and a 1 year warranty and will do FaceTime calls with you so that you know you’re using it properly.Keep the iron vertically and hold the clasp keeping forward, then hold about 2 inches of your hair 1 -2 inches at the end.

Ensure to keep your hair and the iron far from your face. Hold it about 7-12 seconds, according to your hair style. Do the curl of the first place keeping your face away from the face.It woks same way for all the hair types but if you’re having naturally thick hair then you may need to hold the iron for few more seconds.

This flat iron device comes with no heat setting and warms up to 400 degrees. The manufacturer has detailed about why there is no heat setting feature in their FAQ section.It Claims that most people don’t know and how to use proper amount of heat. They found that 400 degrees of heat has been delivering the best results. But we have observed this Tyme iron heats up faster than the normal standard curling iron.

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