Tyme Iron gives you the simplest straight hair styling

Styling just got a whole lot easier! Now you can give your clients straight locks and bouncy, voluminous curls with one tool! The TYME Iron both curls and straightens hair from root to tip. With this single tool you can create beautiful curls with less work and less time. Just one swipe, from the root and the tip is all you need. Whether your client wants a quick style on the run, a new look for the office or a night out on the town, this iron is your new go-to for creating beautiful styles. Styles that used to take 45 minutes to create can now be created in only eight minutes. To create different styles of curls, simply glide the iron along the hair at different angles–the possibilities are endless.

To create curls, simply place the hair closest to the root between the guidelines and glide. The curl is created by the heating and cooling of the hair, not tension. Therefore, only light pressure and appropriate glide time is needed. For clients with thin hair, glide faster and for thicker hair, glide slower, Wholesale Tyme is the best?.

This device looks a bit like a straightener; the only difference is the plates are a little askew. It claims to be able to curl and straighten your hair, as well as create virtually any hairstyle in just minutes.The creators of TYME Iron call it “the perfect combination of beauty and brains”.We would suggest passing on this device. The idea behind it is great but quite honestly, you can curl your hair with a simple flat iron if it is the right size. Many people seem to have a problem when they first begin using it too. For such a pricey tool, it should work easily for most, if not everyone.

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