Tyme Iron Reviews

Tyme Iron product was first announced in late 2014 as a way to help women create beautiful curls in less time, while also providing the convenience of a straightener. It is said to achieve this due to its design and the gold-plated titanium plates which supposedly produce a “higher negative ionic charge than ceramic plates as well as more efficient heat transfer to the hair.” The device warms up to 400 degrees, and there is no heat setting. The product FAQ goes into detail as to why there are no heat settings, noting that most people don’t use the proper amount of heat, and that 400 degrees has been found to deliver the best results. We found that it seems to heat up faster than a standard curling iron.

It is constructed of high quality materials, and will likely gain positive reviews for the vast majority of women who learn to use it properly. Whether or not its slight advantage over considerably less expensive alternatives will make the $89 price tymeironbuy , however, will be up to each consumer to decide.

It has titanium plates which produce higher heat and can make the curls very quickly. The iron can create heat up to 400 degrees very quickly.TYME Iron has the greater ability to raise heat quicker than the other standard curling irons. One side may be used as the straightener and the other end used as the curler. Individual movement of the iron makes the hair curl very quickly.

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