Tyme Iron to help you create a unique hairstyle

The TYME Iron is a revolutionary hair tool that creates ANY curl from waves to bouncy curls and ringlets, and also straightens your hair! Now you can create a beautiful head of curls in a matter of minutes! Depending on the style you’re going for, we’re talking 10 minutes or less! Even better, the curls should last 2-3 days!

It unique design allows you to create the looks which used to be exclusive to a curling iron, curling wand or traditional flat iron. With the TYME Iron, you can now create more beautiful and longer-lasting curls! But what if you want silky straight hair? Yep, you can do that too! Maybe you want a little bit of this and a little bit of that? Mix it up! The TYME Iron is your all-in-one, professionally crafted piece of awesomeness! With the TYME Iron, you can now smooth and curl at the same TYME, which saves you TYME!

The tyme hair straightener is a tool that can be used to curl and straighten hair by just changing the angle that it is glided from the root to tip of your hair. It makes curling hair faster than using a traditional curling iron.If getting your hair ready for a date or work has been a burden of late, Tyme Iron has the answer. The product will not only save your time but allow you to create those lovely curls you seek with reduced amount of tension and heat.

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