Tyme Iron’s heat doesn’t hurt your hair

The TYME hair iron is a revolutionary hot iron that allows you to curl, straighten or style your hair hundreds of different ways with only one device. If you want silky smooth hair, you can have it easily with the TYME hair iron. Use one of the deals available here at Coupon Cause to save!

Tyme hair curling iron was first announced in late 2014 as a way to help women create beautiful curls in less time, while also providing the convenience of a straightener. It is said to achieve this due to its design and the gold-plated titanium plates which supposedly produce a “higher negative ionic charge than ceramic plates as well as more efficient heat transfer to the hair.” The device warms up to 400 degrees, and there is no heat setting.

An interesting product in the beauty industry, the TYME style is in the form of a straightener but can be used to make the same ringlets a curler can achieve and straight hair a straightener can achieve.For straight hair, place your hair on the side that does not have guidelines and within one glide;You’ll achieve silky straight hair. Because the tyme gold titanium works both in cooling and warming of hair, therefore it does not heat or damage your hair, as it requires very low heat.

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