What is the TYME iron?

What is the TYME iron?Not only is this iron so stylish and so blogger I might add, it’s also really smart, I havent seen a hair tool like it! The good thing about this is it’s not just a curling iron but it can also be used to straighten hair as well, the perfect all in one tool, some of you might think you can do that with any hair straightener but I personally think this gives nicer curls which last longer than any straightener I’ve used, but more on that later.

You will notice that this iron has an unsual shape to any other iron and that’s because each side creates different styles, the brown guideline side curls and the flat side straightens hair, it might sound a little confusing but I promise as soon as you hold these in your hand you will pick it up straight away.

Very recently one of our crew, Erica Lynne Torres. discovered something amazing while scrolling through Facebook, the TYME Hair Iron. This “revolutionary” new product looked too good to be true. It wasn’t until we tried the thing out, that we discovered that this iron truly is REVOLUTIONARY. Now, Erica and I are not hair stylists. That being said, I’m always looking for tools that help me style my hair quick and chic. So we took this product in-studio and quickly started testing it.

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